Home Inspections From The Seller’s Perspective

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Typically homeowners tend to underestimate the value of a home inspection before a house even goes on the market for sale. These types of home inspections are typically referred to as pre-listing home inspections and are arranged by the current owner or seller of the home. While home inspections are a MUST DO for home buyers, sellers should have this on their To-Do-List for selling their property as well. The experts at Nucleus Inspections LLC want to help you understand how home inspections can benefit you when you are selling your home. 

The obvious purpose of the seller doing their own full home inspection is that they get to see what is wrong with the property before they put it on the market, and they get to address/fix those issues beforehand. Nevertheless, the really important reason that most sellers encounter is that buyers will make those very issues the major topic to reduce the price of the home after their home inspection. Think of it as an investment that will have a huge ROI during the final sale. Full home inspections should be done the moment sellers decide to sell their property. Home Inspections encompass all facets of the home and all functional attributes of the living space. The four major systems are the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Then there are other minor ones that get inspected as well, such as exterior grounds, garage, attic, drainage, interior rooms, foundation, and many more. All in all, during a complete home inspection, we will touch and test every conceivable system that you would interact with as part of the entire home (a system of systems). As a seller, you get the benefit because many times, the buyers will do their inspections and will not say anything to the seller until they are at the signing table and will use their report to reduce the price of the home at a much greater reduction in the price than the actual cost it would take for you, the seller to repair and fix those deficiencies. At that point, you will only hope that you conducted an inspection before putting the home on the market.

If you, the seller, spends a few hundred dollars to get a full home inspection before putting the house on the market and fix issues beforehand, this act alone will be sufficient to save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars lost at the time of the signing of the buy/sell agreements (depending on how many issues are discovered and fixed). Sometimes a $5,000 new A/C system may cost you a $10,000 reduction in the price of the house at the last minute, just to get the sale done. That’s money left on the table that the seller could have kept if the inspection could have been done ahead of time.

We offer two levels of inspections that would be applicable here. 

1. Full Home Inspection WITH report (price depends on the square footage of the house)

2. Full Home Inspection WITHOUT written report. There will be a detailed walkthrough at the conclusion of the inspection. This saves at least $100 or more, depending on house square footage.

As an alternative, sellers can also do a Four Point Inspection with a report that concentrates only on a home’s four major components, namely roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. 

The cost for any of our home inspections is dependent on the home’s square footage, so please call for specific pricing. 


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